Cristian Rojas, of Imlay City, looks to pick up a first down in a game last fall. Photo by Rod Soule


TRI-CITY AREA — The following athletes were named to the All-Blue Water Area football team for big schools which was announced recently:

First team

Offense- Jake Townsend, quarterback, Cros-Lex; Lemarcus Lee, running back, Marysville; Michael Lulgjuraj, fullback, Almont; Isaac Lerma, wide receiver, Cros-Lex; Saige Slanec, wide receiver, Cros-Lex; Nolan Durand, tight end, Cros-Lex;. Carter Ames line, Marine City; Matt Lyon, line, Cros-Lex; and Brendon Schaffer, line, Cros-Lex.

Defense- Max Schweihofer, line, St. Clair; Noah Kindle, line, Port Huron High; Sam Lasher, linebacker, Marysville; Mason Walker. linebacker, Marine City; Marco Miller, defensive back, Marysville; Ben Davis, defensive back, Cros-Lex.

Special Teams

Kicker/Punter- Evan Woodard, Marysville.

Kick Return/Punt Return- Isaac Lerma, Cros-Lex.


Head Coach of the Year- Mike LeGrow, Cros-Lex

Assistant Coach of the Year- Mike Sheridan, Cros-Lex

Second team

Offense- Zach Meier, quarterback, Marysville; Mitchel Dobbelaer, running back, Richmond; D’Marco Singleton, fullback, Marysville; Tyler Houle, wide receiver, Port Huron Northern; Derek Snyder, wide receiver, Richmond; Lawrence Smafield, tight end, Marysville; Dan McKiernan, line, Richmond; Jalen Sanderson, line, Port Huron High; and Ben Simons, line, Marine City.

Defense- Austin Piecchotte, line, Marysville; Zach Sergent, line, Cros-Lex;
Joey Noll, linebacker, Cros-Lex; Curt Miracle, linebacker, Yale; Zach Tetler, defensive back, Marine City; and Nathan Hoekstra, defensive back, Port Huron Northern.

Special Teams

Kicker/Punter- Felix Kapp, Marine City

Kick Return/Punt Return- Nijere Finney, Port Huron High.


Head Coach- Derrick Meier, Marysville.

Assistant Coach- Dave Frendt, Marine City

Honorable mention

Offense-Jeff Heaslip, quarterback, Marine City; Isaak Ullenbruch, running back, Port Huron Northern; Nick Byrd, fullback, Port Huron Northern; Evan Woodard, wide receiver, Marysville; Nijere Finney, wide receiver, Port Huron High; Nolan Distelrath, tight end, Marine City; Jared Sanderson, Port Huron High; Andrew Alden, line, Imlay City; and Bryce Stoutenberg, line, Imlay City.

Defense- Chris Cezik, line, Imlay City; Derek Schlottman, line, Marine City; Caleb Collier, linebacker, Port Huron High; Wyatt Walker, linebacker, Marine City; Shaka Brown, defensive back, Port Huron High; and Anthony Rentzel, defensive back, Marine City.

Special Teams

Kicker/Punter- Jacob Ball, Richmond

Kick Return/Punt Return- Derek Snyder Richmond

Special mention

Offense- De’Ovion Price, quarterback, Port Huron High High; Dylan Bloink, quarterback, Port Huron Northern; Jacob Ball, quarterback, Richmond; Jack Kaplan, quarterback, Imlay City; Eric Keding, quarterback, Armada; Darius Watson Jr., running back, Marine City; Cristian Rojas, running back Imlay City; Mason Smith, runnning back, Almont; Charles Tigert, wide receiver, Marine City; Dakota Sandzik, wide receiver, Imlay City; Jace Mullins, tight end, Port Huron High; Seth LaBoda, line, Port Huron Northern; Weston Gilsoul, line, Marysville; Michael Pitzo, line, Marysville; Kyle Smalstig, line, Marine City; Maddox Mozal, line, St. Clair; Brandon Hunsaker, line, Almont; James Sargent, line, Marysville; Andrew Schweihofer, line, Marysville; and Jackson Braner, line, Marysville.

Defense- Dillan Landerschier, line, Imlay City; Kevin McKiernan, line, Richmond; Patrick Houle, line, Marysville; Hayden Holdburg, line, Marysville; Nolan Panduren, line, Almont; Carson Bowling, line, Cros-Lex; Michael Post, linebacker, Port Huron; Danny Fealko, linebacker, Port Huron Northern; Landon Kruse, linebacker, Almont, Corey Webster, linebacker, Almont; Wesley Peters, linebacker, Richmond; Collin Richards, linebacker, Marysville; Wyatt Luther, linebacker, Imlay City; Lance Wolford, linebacker, Imlay City; Jacob Hincherik, linebacker, Marine City; Robb Miller, defensive back, Port Huron High; Ty Nelson, defensive back, Marine City; Brett Easter, defensive back, Marysville; Kaleb Hodgins, defensive back, Marysville; Nolan Moore, defensive back, Cros-Lex; Julian Rojas, defensive back, Imlay City; Dakota Sandzik, defensive back, Imlay City; and Jadyn Dewan-Smith, defensive back, Port Huron Northern.

Special Teams- Port Huron’s Ian Mitchell was honored as a kicker/punter, while Yale’s Jake Wilson was recognized as a kick and punt returner.

Coaches- Port Huron’s Ryan Mullins was the head coach chosen and Richmond’s Sean Misko was the assistant coach recognized.

Kevin Kissane has been covering high school sports for the Tri-City Times since 1985. When not standing on a field or court with his camera and notepad, he enjoys golf, travel and family. Kevin is a 1980 graduate of Capac High School, and is also a grad of St. Clair Community College and earned a degree in journalism from Central Michigan University.