A lot of people are slamming Paul Mitchell because he left the House of Representatives and the Republican Party. They say Mr. Mitchell really wasn’t a Republican, that he didn’t stand with the party. When we elect someone, we expect—at least I expect—them to represent us first, not their party. It seems some people think we elect congressmen and send them to Washington, pay them great salaries, give them great health care and a super pension plan and their sole purpose is supporting and building a bigger and stronger political party.

The people built this country, not any political party—the roads, the factories, the cities, hospitals, seaports, gas and power grids. Our farmers provide us with a billion meals a day, and we Americans made it all. It seems like the tail is wagging the dog.

Some voters and most politicians feel growing the party is more important than representing the people who built the greatest country on this planet.

I would think it took a lot of courage to walk away from something you supported and believed in all your life. I would like to thank Representative Mitchell for the years and his efforts expended representing the people of this district.

This spring, when Senator Mitt Romney said he let his conscience guide him and voted guilty on one of the articles of impeachment for President Trump, his fellow Republican senators and the party bosses blew a gasket and wanted to expel him from the party. I guess having a conscience or a moral compass is a detriment to members of today’s Republican Party. It sure isn’t my father’s Republican Party anymore.

Do you think an independent governor could fix the damn roads?

—Tom Janicki,