Since Michigan’s social restrictions have given me extra time, I decided to check out the COVID restrictions per state.

Nine states have no restrictions and masks aren’t required. All have Republican governors. Six states have no restrictions and only certain venues require masks. All have Republican governors, except one. Twenty states have no restrictions but mask wearing is mandatory. This group includes twelve Republican governors, and eight Democratic governors. Fifteen states, including Michigan, have strict restrictions and require masks to be work in public places. All have Democratic governors.

These numbers show one political party is more restrictive than the other.

Because of Michigan’s strict restrictions, a friend of mine is faced with major changes to his business, resulting in necessary cutbacks. Since all his employees are equally talented, he is put in a difficult position. He told me that knowing their history and political affiliations, there is only one fair way to do this. Throughout the year, one political group has been promoting change, which will require staff reductions. Therefore, all his Democrat employees, will get the change they voted for—unemployment.

Be careful what you ask for.

—Wally Maslowsky,