On behalf of the Board of Directors of Blue Water Safe Horizons, we would like to announce that Elizabeth (Liz) Sawielski has been chosen as the organization’s new Executive Director. Elizabeth began her new role with the organization this month.

Elizabeth comes to Blue Water Safe Horizons after holding multiple positions of leadership in several non-profit organizations. Liz was last with the YMCA of the Blue Water Area, where she served as the Vice President of Social Responsibility. She has also worked with the March of Dimes, the American Cancer Society, and the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. Through her past accomplishments at these organizations, Elizabeth can be described as enthusiastic, creative, and motivated with a passion for training, inspiring, and empowering others.

It is the mission of Blue Water Safe Horizons to increase awareness of intimate-partner and sexual violence and its effect on the community, to empower those victimized by providing advocacy and safe effective services, and to work for social change through education and community collaboration. The role of this organization in meeting the needs of those victimized by such acts is of the utmost importance to this community. Blue Water Safe Horizons is comprised of a professional and dedicated staff in place to assist in the needs of those who find themselves in search of help. As the new executive director, Elizabeth will be dedicated to furthering those efforts and leading the organization into new areas of provided services.

Again, we are excited to announce Elizabeth Sawielski’s appointment to this position. With her appointment, the well-established professional staff, and continued community collaboration, we anticipate further successes in bringing the necessary services to those who are in need.

—James A. Jones
Chairperson, Board of Directors, Blue Water Safe Horizons of St. Clair County