Twenty-twenty has been a year like no other. Remote learning, face-to-face learning, quarantines, new policies, you name it! While there have been various challenges this year, Borland Elementary still has a lot to be thankful for.

Our families. Wow, have our families taken on quite the workload this year! These caregivers are serving as technology experts and teacher’s assistants in the home, ensuring that their remote learning student is logged in, attending their virtual live-learning sessions, and getting their work done in a different environment. For our face-to-face students, our families have gone above and beyond making sure that their students are prepared with face masks and supplies, and ready to tackle the new policies in the building. When a quarantine has become necessary, they have sacrificed routines and found ways to support their students at home. We are so appreciative for all that our families have done, as well as for the continued support they bring us each day.

Our staff. There are so many people who come together to make a successful school year come together—bus drivers, kitchen staff, teachers, playground staff, administrators, maintenance workers, custodians, office staff, instructional aides, and counselors. Imlay City Schools are lucky to have the most talented, hardworking staff in our buildings and departments. The teams have worked through building safety protocols, changed practices, problem-solved, learned how to instruct remotely, figured out how to keep our students safely in our buildings, adapted, etc., all with our students and their safety at the forefront. We are grateful to work with this impressive team.

Our community. Thank you to this terrific community for all of your support. Imlay City is a truly remarkable place, and we never cease to be amazed at the outreach from our community members.

Our students. Last, but certainly not least! Thank you for working hard, for continuously adapting, and, most of all, for trusting us. You are valued more than you know and we feel lucky to get to spend our days with you.

—Megan Cottone,
Borland Elementary Principal