The holiday season can bring out a wide range of emotions—the good, bad and the ugly. You may feel overwhelmed planning gatherings, stressed about time management, or feeling exhausted thinking about everything on your calendar. To top it all off, add COVID-19 into the mix. The tough challenges you may be dealing with during the holidays may seem never-ending, but there are still many things to celebrate this holiday season!

The Thumb Community Health Partnership wants you to celebrate so you don’t just survive the holidays, but thrive this season! Mental Health America (MHA) is a national effort to promote overall mental health. MHA suggests a few holiday-themed tips and practical strategies to help you thrive during this unusual holiday season.

First and foremost, identify how you’re feeling. Take some time to sort through your emotions in whatever way is most productive for you. You can journal, talk to a friend, or just go for a walk.

Second, don’t romanticize your typical holiday plans. Even though you may be giving up some of your favorite things about the holidays this year, you’re probably leaving some stressors behind too, like dealing with your difficult relatives.

Last, always practice gratitude. Make a conscious effort to regularly identify things that you are thankful for!

For more ideas on how to “thrive” this holiday season, please visit www.Facebook/ThumbHealth or contact Kari White at 810-895-2918.

—Thumb Community Health Partnership