Almont’s rich past detailed in ‘Remembrances’ book

ALMONT — Looking for just the right gift for a local history buff? Then plan to reserve your copy of ‘Remembrances of Almont 2020’ today.

The 356 page book is due to be delivered to author and Almont Historical Society President Jim Wade in the coming days. Proceeds from the sale will benefit the society’s endowment fund. Cost is $40 per copy.

Copies of the new book should be delivered in the coming days. Wade will be taking preorders for the book at the museum starting this Saturday, Dec. 19.

To reserve a copy in advance, stop by the Almont Historical Museum from 1-4 p.m. beginning this Saturday, Dec. 19 through Dec. 24.

It took Wade 15 months to compile the latest book that was intended to be released in time for Almont’s Homecoming celebration this summer. The pandemic caused the festival to be canceled and pushed back the book’s publication.

“I would have been done in early May but I couldn’t access the sources I needed when places like the library were closed,” Wade said.
Despite his research efforts being delayed, Wade said he wasn’t lacking for material.

“I kept getting suggestions from people on topics to explore and then I stumbled across other stories while I was doing my research and just had to add them to the book,” Wade said, noting that ‘Remembrances’ was only supposed be 150 to 200 pages in length.

“The book is dedicated to Hildamae Bowman and Gertie Brooks for their work on the prior Almont history,” Wade said.

This latest publication represents the eighth in a series of books about Almont’s history. Bowman wrote four, Brooks penned one and Wade, along with his wife, Cindie Walton-Wade, have collaborated on the last three.

‘Remembrances’ focuses on Almont and its people from 1950-70 but there’s also earlier accounts on some of the first families to come to Almont in the 1800s. Other sections of the book detail the histories of Almont businesses, the Community Hospital, Historical Society, Homecoming celebrations, local parks, school-related items including notable sports events and athletes plus updates to past stories on the origin of road names, the township’s fire department and more.

There are also more than 20 biographical sketches on people and families well-known in Almont, including the Tri-City Times’ own founders, Marty and Delores Heim.

In addition to the written word, ‘Remembrances’ is filled with an array of photos from the historical society’s archives and those submitted by community members.

Wade received a grant from the Four County Community Foundation to help cover the publication costs for ‘Remembrances of Almont 2020.’

For more information or to pre-order a book, contact Wade at 810-796-3355 or