Have you noticed that it seems no one is dying of old age anymore? I recently had a good friend of mine pass away. Although he wasn’t in the best of health for a long time, his death was labeled as a result of COVID-19 however his family will tell you he passed from COPD.

How many people actually died from heart failure, COPD, diabetes, kidney failure, cancer, and other life threatening diseases this year? I would like to see the number of deaths from 2019 versus 2020 related to all these and other major illnesses. I would bet the 2020 numbers are way down. Does that mean we are on the way to eradicating life threatening disorders, or are we just labeling them as COVID-19 deaths?

I have two friends that are doctors. Both told me they get more money if their diagnoses are COVID-related. After all, it’s just a code number on a piece of paper. Who would know? There is only one reason to label a diagnosis as COVID—money.

People can read between the lines. Nobody is dying of old age anymore. They are all dying of COVID-19. Really?

While we’re on the subject, I don’t think our governor realizes the full impact she created with a restaurant shutdown. The small family-owned restaurants, which every town has a number of, are suffering. They don’t get the same carry out traffic as the fast food chains. It’s not just the restaurants, it’s the suppliers of food and products for these places. Not only are the restaurant owners suffering from a loss of customers, what do they do with all the refrigerated and frozen food? These food items have an expiration date. When they reopen, they will need to buy all fresh food.

My feelings are this—if you don’t feel safe stay home, but don’t ruin it for our businesses and the people that still want to go out. The spike in cases went up after Thanksgiving, and will probably go up more after Christmas. What will happen when all the Michiganders that spend winters in Florida come back? Florida has no restrictions. Restaurants and beaches are open as usual.

Despite our governor’s attempt to destroy our economy, most of the people are not taking her seriously anymore.

—Wally Maslowsky,