Why do I vote Republican, you ask? My response (to the Dec. 2 letter to the editor “Why do you vote Republican?) is as follows: I vote for small government, for America first policies, for pro-life policies, for support of our police and military, for support of Israel, for our First Amendment rights of religious liberty and freedom of speech and for our Second Amendment right to bear arms.

I vote Republican to refute the support of groups looting, burning, rioting and destruction that Democrats refuse to condemn. It has gone on in so many communities which have been devastated and some media refuses to even report on it.

I don’t vote for any particular candidate or party, I vote for the policies. President Trump told us what his policies were in 2016 and he has followed through on nearly all of them, unlike most previous presidents of both parties.

What do you stand for?

—Anne Roszczewski,