A December 2 letter writer questioned the voting tendencies of area Republicans. As a voter I vote pro-life, respecting life from conception to natural death. President-elect Biden along with Vice President-elect Harris promise to make abortion coded law. Our constitutional founding documents guarantee “the right to life…” as basic rights. Is this the new direction of America?

What is the U.S. Constitution? Does it mean anything? What is freedom of speech in the First amendment? What about the Second Amendment? Do I need to go on and on? We who vote Republican value it. This striking document set the new United States apart from autocracies, kingdoms, and all governing regiments of the time.

The writer wonders why don’t schools have classes of government? There are probably several reasons including the drive for STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) as an all consuming necessity. Understanding government and how it functions has been lost as liberal educators desire to mold students into what they believe are 21st century cogs in the wheels of society and liberal thought.

True liberal thought believes people give their rights to government and, in return, government will return to the people rights it feels they need. This is the modern Democratic Party. Haven’t we people been smart enough to run a nation that has functioned remarkably well for 240-plus years?

—David Naeyaert,