TRI-CITY AREA — The number of COVID-19 deaths more than doubled in the past week. Lapeer County has had 11 residents die from the virus between Dec. 1-7 and St. Clair County saw 21 residents pass during that same time period. The week prior Lapeer had four deaths and St. Clair had five.

In St. Clair, nearly all of their virus-related statistics saw increases in the past week. Total cases grew by 937 as compared to 693 from Nov. 24-30. Their active cases jumped by 629 to stand at more than 3,200. That’s compared to an increase of 403 the week prior. St. Clair’s death total now stands at 103.

In Lapeer County, the increase in confirmed cases dropped slightly from the week prior. There were 435 new cases since Dec. 1 as compared to 492 between Nov. 24-30. Lapeer County’s death total now stands at 63.

“As of this morning (Monday) there were 32 confirmed cases hospitalized locally, with four in ICU, of which three were on ventilators,” Health Department Director Kathy Haskins said.

Although the number of confirmed cases in Lapeer could be plateauing, the county continues to surpass the state when it comes to stats like positivity rates and daily new cases.

Lapeer’s test positive rate is currently 19.2 percent while the state’s stands at 14.7 percent. The county’s daily new cases per 100K is 82.7 compared to 69.4 for the state while their infection rate stands at 1.06 while Michigan’s is currently 0.97.

On Monday, Haskins also addressed the extension of the state’s partial shutdown that affects some businesses and grades 9-12 instruction. Those limitations will now remain in place through December 20.

“While I’m sure many of you are not happy with the extension, I’d like to challenge you to truly look at the health and science of this issue, and not what is perceived as the political. This is a real virus…the best way to combat the transmission is to consistently reduce the risk of picking it up and spreading it,” she said.