In previous issue a writer queried about the Republican support for Trump.

The writer wonders why Republicans supported Trump. I cannot speak for anyone but myself but here are some of the reasons why I gave him my vote:

•He was able to negotiate economic relationships between Israel and three Muslim countries which are significant steps to peace in the Middle East.

•He appointed judges to the federal bench who are strict constructionists meaning they apply the law as written; not how they wished it had been written.

•He changed the character of the Republican Party to one that is much more in tune with the “folks” of this nation. Those who get up each day, go to work, pay their taxes, raise their kids, support their community and their church, stand for the national anthem, are proud to pledge allegiance to the flag and want the liberty to decide for themselves what is in their own best interests.

•He changed our economic and military relationship with China recognizing the adversarial intentions of China.

•Provided a vision for the future that the common folks can elect people that will honor their promises and will provide a national atmosphere where liberty can flourish.

•A booming economy with annual GDP growth of about 3% and higher with stock market at record levels.

•Policies that forced N.A.T.O. members to step up and pay their share of maintenance of their treaty obligations.

•Enforcement of our immigration laws.

•Getting out of the Paris Climate Accord, the Transpacific Partnership, and the Iran Nuclear Deal.

•Lower tax rates for individuals and corporations.

What I would like the writer to explain is his rationale for support of the Democratic Party. Do you support an agenda that will radically change our entire system of government ending up with a socialist type state where all persons are equally miserable?

I do not want a government where all people are equal, but some are more equal than others. It is my view that the far left, radical section of the Democratic Party wants to become those who are “more equal.”

—John L. Lengemann,
Imlay City