In the Dec. 2 edition of the Tri-City Times a letter writer asked “Why do you vote Republican” and follow in your parents’ footsteps? To that I say, both my parents were long time Union members, and voted for whoever the Union told them to. Unfortunately, that arm twisting still exists today. While growing up, my dad told me many times, the Democrats are working people, and the Republicans are rich business people. Although we lived in a low income area of Detroit, I didn’t have to be a grown up to see how our Democratic legislators were giving out handouts and kickbacks in return for their vote. As soon as I was able to cast my ballot, I made my own decision. Maybe, it was because I didn’t want to work in a factory like my dad. I wanted to do something more. I voted for the people that could help me make that happen. Against my dad’s wishes, I voted Republican, and still do today.

Why? Let’s start with just a small list of the changes in the last four Republican years.

•Tariffs were reinstated and NAFTA (North American Free Trade agreement) was dismantled. Restoring tariffs brought many American companies back, resulting in an economic boost, with record unemployment numbers.

•The stock market soared to new highs. For many retirees, because so many companies closed their doors, this is our only source of income.

•Republicans restored oil and coal permits, which made us energy independent.

•$12 million dollars in aid for farmers affected by trade retaliation.

•The Medicare program was reformed to stop hospitals from overcharging low-income seniors on their drugs, saving seniors $100s of millions of dollars this year alone.

•In the last four years, more than 7 million jobs were created, including over 400,000 new manufacturing jobs.

President Trump provided the opportunity for a person to get ahead, have a feeling of accomplishment, and a path to become a proud, independent, successful, American.

—Wally Maslowsky,