COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations are exploding across the country this week. Governors are imposing new restrictions due to the White House COVID-19 task force warning of “aggressive, unrelenting, expanding broad community spread” of COVID.

Yet some individuals still refuse to mask-up and follow guidelines set forth by the CDC and governors across the country. They whine and bellyache their rights and freedoms are being infringed on. They want their freedoms but not the responsibilities that are part and parcel of living in a democratic society. I find it difficult to comprehend how masking-up in an effort to protect yourself, in turn protecting your family, your friends, your co-workers or customers is an infringement on someone’s rights.

Taiwan has set a COVID record, 200 days without a case of COVID recorded. They are following the same COVID prevention protocols other countries are. The Taiwanese’s culture differs somewhat from other cultures. That may explain the success they have achieved controlling the virus. They respect each another.

—Tom Janicki,