My latest trip down memory lane is something I’ll call growing pains.

It was graduation time and time for a graduation dress. My sister and I were graduating at the same time and our Aunt Anna bought each of us beautiful dresses. The problem was they were designed for fully developed young ladies which neither one of us happened to be at that particular time.

Sweet Aunt Anna or mother dear had the brilliant idea to just put a couple of small socks in place at the bust line of each dress. I do know I finally said there’s no way I’m going to that graduation dressed like this. My sister agreed and out came the socks.

Aunt Anna to my knowledge never did any type of sewing but my mother did so she came up with the idea to take a little in under the arms to flatten out the front of the dresses. One small adjustment and the problem was solved and all went well at the graduation.

The moral of this story is we don’t always have to suddenly grow in leaps and bounds sometimes all we have to do is make a little adjustment here and there to make life fit better.

—Helen Valcaniant,
Imlay City