For the advancement of democracy in our representative republic, we as Democrats of Lapeer County must understand who are our opponents and their political positions.

Lapeer County Republican voters have always voted for Republican candidates regardless of the candidates’ positions. Trump, who carried Lapeer County, has distorted the facts about the outcome of the election. What is remarkable to me and fellow Democrats is why, despite overwhelming evidence, that some Trump supporters still believe the election results were not accurate and Trump won the election. It’s time for Republican voters to wake up and realize he is playing you so you will help him with his $421 million dollar debt obligations and his campaign debts.

Socialization to politics is usually passed on to children by their parents. I have discussed this with many young people in Lapeer County and have learned that politics and world social studies are no longer being taught in our schools. It is alarming that a phone with Facebook and Twitter is their primary source of news.

Lapeer County Republican voters, I am asking for your help. I would like you to write to local newspapers and tell the readers why you still vote Republican.

We as Lapeer County Democratic voters will never give up the fight.

—Gary L. Cooley,
North Branch