TRI-CITY AREA — Local COVID-19 statistics have continued to trend up over the past week.

In Lapeer County, the health department said 416 residents tested positive for the virus between Nov. 17-23—an increase from 363 newly confirmed cases the week prior. The number of virus-related deaths increased slightly. One week ago, the health department reported four additional deaths and on Monday, the 23rd, five more had been recorded. that puts Lapeer County’s confirmed case count at 1,805 along with 48 deaths.

According to the Lapeer County Health Department, Lapeer was ranked 37th out of 83 counties for daily new cases rate.

“As of this morning there were 29 confirmed cases hospitalized locally, with 10 in ICU, of which 4 were on ventilators,” Health Dept. Director Kathy Haskins said.

“There are currently no influenza cases hospitalized locally.”

In St. Clair County, week over week jumps were also seen in case and deaths counts.

Since last Monday, Nov. 16, the county saw 823 new cases and eight additional deaths. The week prior, there were 772 new cases and just two deaths.

One statistic that appeared to trend lower was the county’s number of active cases. Last week, the health department saw the number surge by 744 while this week it still grew, but by 420.

As of Nov. 23, St. Clair County had 3,801 total cases, 77 deaths and 2,179 active cases.

Lapeer County’s Haskins said that the volume of cases continues to be difficult to manage.

“At this time we have so many new cases that we cannot get to everyone in a timely manner. You will also have delays in receiving call backs from our office,” she said.

“If you have tested positive, have symptoms, or have been exposed to COVID-19, you can take immediate steps to prevent additional spread of illness. Isolate yourself for 10 days if you are positive or have symptoms. Quarantine for 14 days if you are a close contact of a positive case.”