For those of you who like to do Google searches, try “Trump,” “2016 election” and “voter fraud.”

You will find quotes and interviews of Trump, claiming voter fraud in the 2016 election he expected to lose. He couldn’t stomach looking like a loser, so he needed to sell this theory.

Of course, if Trump really believed there was voter fraud in 2016, he would have appointed a commission to root it out and he did, sort of. It lasted seven months, and was disbanded quietly because it found nothing. No fraud.

Trump is recycling the phrases he used in 2016 to sow doubt about this election with the same fake suppositions. Biden won Michigan by 150,000 votes. Even if some votes were miscounted, there certainly is not enough “fraud” to erase that margin.

These “alternate facts” are just as dangerous to as the assertion that COVID will just disappear one day. He is still trying to pit us against each other, hoping his followers will rise up to invalidate this election. That is what happens when presidents become autocrats and ignore the law.

Can’t you see this president unraveling, as he sits in the White House, tweeting out the reality he wishes was true? The danger to our country should be obvious.

Right now, Biden needs to become informed and begin transitioning into his new, huge job. Instead, Trump is enlisting his loyal followers to prevent our president-elect from access to security briefings or engagement in the routine process for transition.

Consequently, adversaries could be watching for weaknesses if our new president is left unprepared. During our COVID crisis, a gap in response would literally cost thousands of American lives.

Biden wants to unite us and bring the temperature of our country down. It’s time to let him begin that process.

—Carolyn Medland
Lapeer Twp.