I would like to take this opportunity to recognize and thank those people who supported our campaign for the much needed 911 surcharge.

I wish to thank the Lapeer County Board of Commissioners for their support and trust in me to lead the 911 Dispatch Center and for allowing us the opportunity to ask the voters for the funding we needed to keep the operation going.

I’d also like to thank our Authority Board for their trust and support as well.

I want to thank the group “Friends of Lapeer County 911,” the Lapeer County Fire Association, Lapeer County fire chiefs, Lapeer County Association of Police Chiefs, Lapeer County EMS, Medstar EMS, Senator Kevin Daley, Representative Gary Howell, John Miller, Sheriff Scott McKenna, Clerk Theresa Spencer, Deputy Clerk Amy Stearns, Deputy Clerk Lynette Stanford and everyone in the county clerk’s office for their outstanding work on the elections.

I wish to thank the city of Lapeer Commissioners and city manager for reaching out to me to pass a unanimous resolution in support of 911.

Additionally, I’d like to recognize our local established media at the County Press, Tri-City Times and Hashtag Lapeer, for their coverage of the campaign.

In closing, I want to assure the public that Lapeer County Central Dispatch will continue to be excellent stewards of the funding we receive. It will allow us to keep providing unparalleled emergency services throughout the county for many years to come.

—Jeffrey Satkowski, Executive Director, Lapeer County Central Dispatch