I wanted to share more memories that were such a blessing to me and I hope they will bless you also.

As you know, it’s harvest season and some crops are already in. Back in 1977 I had the awesome opportunity to ride on the back of a tractor-driven wagon used to harvest pickles. As we slowly moved along, we would pick the tiniest pickles that were growing in this massive field. I remember it was a very hot day and the farmer, a family friend, told me to can the pickles as soon as possible to get great quality dill pickles. He gave me the complete recipe.

After sweating out in the field, I went home and began the canning process. Although it was hot and humid, I didn’t care—I was on my first canning adventure. I’ll never forget the feeling of accomplishment. It was awesome and, by the way, the pickles were delicious.

Stay motivated, try something new and enjoy!

—Helen Valcaniant,
Imlay City