It is with full confidence that I wholeheartedly support State Representative Gary Howell to be reelected on November 3rd.

As a former state representative and senator, I was immediately impressed with the manner in which Representative Howell carried himself and went to work on behalf of the peoples’ business. He genuinely went to Lansing to do a job.

The first thing he told me in my interview before becoming his office’s legislative director was that he absolutely wanted to make sure that we treat and serve all people from the district with the utmost respect and full service, regardless of their political stripes. He said, “Mike, I am the Representative of each and every person in Lapeer County, regardless of their politics, and I never want us to veer away from that perspective.”

Several of his colleagues often come to Representative Howell’s office to seek his sage advice on a variety of matters, particularly as pertaining to legislation. I have had a front row seat in watching him negotiate and direct conversations in the way he wants them to go for the benefit of the people. He has established himself as a bipartisan straight-shooter whose word is his bond. I truly wish that Lapeer County could see their State Representative in action as I do. You would be as proud as I am.

In his four years in Lansing, Representative Howell has been named Legislator of the Year by the Flint Safari Club International (twice), Hunting Dog Federation (twice), Michigan United Conservation Clubs, Ducks Unlimited, Michigan Townships Association, and Michigan Municipal League. Representative Howell has worked overtime to bring decency and integrity back to the office with tangible results, and he has been a catalyst of goodwill with all of his colleagues on both sides of the aisle.

In my humble opinion, State Representative Gary Howell is a true statesman who exudes civility and accomplishment. He has earned the trust, respect, and support of the good citizens of Lapeer County.


—Mike Goschka,