I whole-heartedly support Fred Fuller for Drain Commissioner for St. Clair County. In Fred’s 12 years as Drain Commissioner, from 1997 through 2008, he acted to keep the drains working that our farmers depend on. He found ways to lessen erosion and keep our drains working more efficiently and for fewer tax dollars. Fred and his staff were the first to physically walk all of St. Clair County’s drains, looking for needed maintenance and illegal discharges to our drains. He increased routine maintenance on drains that had been sorely neglected. Routine maintenance helps prevent the need for costly drain projects.

During the attempt to dredge 17 miles of Mill Creek (upstream from the city of Yale), Fred saved critical funds for St. Clair County taxpayers, prevented much greater flooding in Yale and prevented possible bankruptcy for Lynn and Brockway townships. He used spot dredging where necessary and used other less costly, less invasive methods. Where possible, he left trees and vegetation, which help stop bank erosion with their root systems and also help stop weed growth with their shade.

With flooding on the rise in St. Clair County, who we elect as drain commissioner is critically important. We need someone who is looking for solutions that work with nature and are fiscally sound. I urge St. Clair County residents to vote for Fred Fuller, a man with common sense, fiscal responsibility and who cares about farmers’ drainage needs and your drain assessments.

—Kay Cumbow,
Lynn Township