I am writing in response to John L. Lengemann who passed on his thoughts about voting in a letter to the editor that appeared in the October 7 edition of the Tri-City Times.

As a lifelong Democrat and voter, I read Mr. Lengemann’s letter with interest and more than a little dismay. I want to let him know a little about the “other side of the aisle” and how we agree about more than we disagree.

I am disappointed these days at how divided our country has become. The 24-hour news channels spend much of their time and energy creating fear in their watchers. I hear a lot of complaints about “fake news” coming from our President, and he’s right. There is plenty of fake news, but it’s directed mostly at his supporters—sowing fear where there doesn’t need to be fear.

So to directly respond to Mr. Lengemann, and to any Republican who lives in fear that the Democrats want to dismantle the country– this is not true.

We do not want to dismantle the 2nd Amendment, or any Amendment, for that matter. The Constitution is sacred to us, too. We, too, want our troops to come home, and for the police to be respected, and for corporations to stop outsourcing our jobs. We believe as much as you do in the freedom of religion—for everyone, not just for a few. We, too, believe we are voting to protect our future, and the future of our children and generations to come.

So, really, how are we any different from each other? We are Americans, first and foremost. We all care about this great country. God Bless.

—Amy Seiferlein,