As a lifelong area resident and a former board member of the Imlay City Christian School, I have experienced my son’s education at both private and public schools. I believe there is a strong need for new, fresh and broader thinking on our school board.

Alex Lengemann is an Imlay City Schools graduate and a successful businessman who comes from a local prominent family. Bill Lengemann spent most of his career being a teacher at Capac and Dryden schools and now has a law degree and is working with the family law firm.

Carm Ross is an Imlay City Schools graduate with a degree in business administration and has three kids in our school system. She is a self thinker with much needed broad views.

Of all the candidates, Bill is overwhelmingly the most qualified. He attended our schools, then went to college to become a teacher and later became a lawyer. He knows the school system inside and out and offers legal knowledge.

The current board has voted unanimously on every issue for several years.

I recommend Alex, Bill and Carm to represent our agenda of student success and teacher assistance. Fancy buildings don’t address the needs of our students and teachers.

Vote for common sense, student success, teacher assistance, thrifty spending, broader opinions and independent thinking. Vote for business people who know how to live within their budgets and most importantly, these three candidates will balance the board so everyone will have a voice.

—Mark Cromas,
Imlay City