I was called to be the Pastor of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Imlay City over twenty-one years ago. My daughter Shannon graduated from Imlay City High School in 2002. I am grateful she had the opportunity to finish her high school education in Imlay City. I have always been impressed with our schools, its board, administrators, teachers, and staff.

I met Kaylee Kaeding in her junior year of high school. It was a pleasure to watch her grow up from a high school student, to a wife, a mother of two, a leader in our community, and our church. She is currently serving our church as our youth minister and our community as a member of the Imlay City School Board.

As her Pastor and colleague, I work closely with Kaylee. Over the past three years I have seen her passion for her work on the school board. Along with her husband, Trevor, the Technology Director of the Imlay City School District, as a parent with two children, and as a youth minister with students in our schools, Kaylee has a vested interest that our schools be the best that they can be. I have watched her work hard, above and beyond the call of duty, as a member of the school board. Kaylee puts her all into everything she does. Every school board decision she takes to heart, always wanting to make the right decision on behalf of our schools, students, teachers, and staff. She has a vision for the future of our schools and was a proponent of the last school millage which included much needed changes and upgrades to our schools. These changes included making our schools safer, our students more competitive, and better facilities for our students.

The slate of candidates on this year’s ballot for the Imlay City School Board is filled with good candidates. Kaylee is in good company. With her passion, dedication, and commitment, her experience on the board, her hard work, her vested interest, and her vision for our schools, Kaylee is a perfect candidate for the Imlay City School Board. As you cast your votes for three seats on the school board, I would encourage you to include Kaylee Kaeding among those you are voting for.

—Pastor Alan Casillas,
St. Paul’s Lutheran Church,
Imlay City