Words cannot describe how wrong it is to plot to kidnap and try Governor Whitmer. All involved should receive significant punishment. Sadly, such a plot is not something that was unforeseeable. The climate in this country is such that it will be surprising if similar plots are not hatched. Many view actions of our government and elected officials as tyrannical and there is some degree of truth that many actions have been violative of the Constitution and separation of powers.

The perpetrators of the plot have been caught and that is a good thing. But unless there is a recognition by all persons that these are dangerous times and there must be an end to this constant attack upon, as well as a stop to the demeaning of, those who think differently the nation’s continued existence as a free nation with liberty for its citizens is in peril. We need to stop believing that those we disagree with are evil and must be destroyed no matter what the method or what the cost.

—John L. Lengemann,
Imlay City