October is Respect Life Month. With the election close at hand knowing what candidate or candidates who supports life is of utmost importance. President Trump has been a supporter of the right to life and will continue. Many will say “look at his life” but remember to look at his fruits. Again he a supporter of life

John James has stated he also supports the right to life from conception to natural death, and both are endorsed by Right to Life of Michigan.

Democrat Joe Biden supports abortion and is a scandal to the Catholic Church. He proclaims he is a faithful Catholic— going to Mass, receiving communion and showing everybody his rosary—all to put on a show for Catholic voters.

Many will say, “Don’t be a single issue voter” but if we remember, our nation’s founding documents guaranteed “the right to life.” So if one has no life, what else is there? Think of this when you vote.

—David Naeyaert