I wanted to share a few thoughts on life’s precious memories because sometimes they can make you smile or even laugh.

One particular memory recently made me laugh. It was way back in the fifties and I was just a kid that got to spend time with my gramma, staying overnight in what I thought was a mansion. My Aunt Monica was a teenager still living at home and I got to sleep alongside her in her big bed and before bedtime I’d watch her put what looked like green plaster all over her face. I can still smell it. She’d hop into bed with that mask on that actually had dried so hard she could barely move her lips to say goodnight. Needless to say, during the night most of it came off and was all over the bedding but I didn’t care because I loved my Aunt Monica and will remember her always.

Do what you can today to make memories.

—Helen Valcaniant,
Imlay City