Have you imagined your life after the election? I see the two outcomes as starkly different.

What will our healthcare be? If Trump wins, Obamacare is likely doomed. The Supreme Court will hear Trump’s case to end Obamacare, on November 12. If Trump succeeds, there appears to be no replacement plan. He insists, repeatedly, that a plan is just “weeks away,” but we never see it. He also insists he will protect pre-existing conditions, a proclamation made to comfort those who wouldn’t vote for him if they understand that popular protection will disappear.

If Biden wins, he wants to strengthen Obamacare. He also has plans to insure more Americans.

How about the pandemic? We are living Trump’s denial and chaotic approach for protecting us. He has silenced top scientists, and has a radiologist running our response. He believes in herd immunity—let everyone get it, hoping they cannot get it again. We don’t yet know if or when herd immunity can be attained for this disease.

Biden wants to push rapid response testing. You could test yourself daily, and if virus free, visit your loved ones. Yes, he would ask us to wear masks, but that’s the least costly way to beat this disease.

Social Security? Biden wants to protect and enhance it. Trump has already cut the payroll tax that funds it and wants to make that cut permanent.

Trump talks about our country in two parts— his base and then everyone else. He pits us against each other to ramp up the enthusiasm for him. Realize that John James, the Republican running to be our Senator, is “2000% behind Trump.”

Biden wants to reunify us, saying he will be “president of all Americans” because together we are stronger and better. He wants to hear from all Americans.
What direction do you want to go in?

—Carolyn Medland,
Lapeer Twp.