TRI-CITY AREA — A pair of newcomers are vying for the right to serve Michigan’s 10th District in U.S. Congress.

Neither Kimberly Bizon or Lisa McClain have previously held elected office but Bizon is a seasoned campaigner, having been the Democratic candidate for the seat in prior years.

Both beat out of a field of candidates in the August primary to advance to November’s general election. Whoever wins next month will secure a two-year term in Washington, D. C. starting in 2021.

Whoever gets the most votes will succeed Republican Paul Mitchell who opted to not seek re-election after two terms in office.

• • • • •

Kimberly Bizon, of Lexington, is a web and interactive director at the Sussman Agency. She topped fellow Democrat Kelly Noland in the primary election.

Her platform includes making children the first priority in K-12 education.
“Michigan and the nation have implemented several reforms to education over the years, almost always with mixed results. I believe we need to reevaluate what works well and design better accountability when policies fail,” Bizon said.

She also believes it’s time to reform politics and would advocate for real campaign finance reform, address gerrymandering and fight voter suppression.

Bizon said she embraces an energy revolution that’s already underway in the wind and solar industries.

“Technological advances and falling costs of installation have combined to provide a unique opportunity for Michigan to make smart investments in the energy systems of the future and bring promising careers to Michigan at the same time,” Bizon said.

• • • • •

Lisa McClain, of Macomb County, was the top vote-getter in a three-way race on the Republican ticket in August. She is a senior vice president with the Hantz Group.

Issues important to her include protecting the Great Lakes and supporting agriculture.

To those ends, McLain said she’ll oppose any large or small-scale diversion of water outside of the Great Lakes basin and push for more fair and free trade between the U.S. and their trading partners.

“This will increase exports, promote competition and lower food prices,” McClain said.

She also wants to cut federal spending and supports a balanced budget amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

“It’s time to get very serious about our annual budget deficits that will exceed $1 trillion dollars this year and it’s time to get very serious about our $26 trillion dollar national debt.

• • • • •

Michigan’s 10th District encompasses Lapeer, St. Clair, Sanilac, Tuscola and Huron counties and a portion of northern Macomb County.