I have been a local business owner and doctor of dental surgery in Imlay City for over 21 years and I have known Bill Lengemann for more than 20 years. Bill Lengemann is the most qualified candidate for the Imlay City School Board because he has 19 years of experience as a teacher, is a practicing attorney, and has a master’s degree in school administration. Bill Lengemann would be a valuable asset to the Imlay CIty School Board and would offer important insight in directing our schools during these challenging times.

He is a lifetime resident of Imlay City and his family has been residing in Imlay City since the late 1800s. He has three girls attending Imlay City Schools, who will be the fourth generation to graduate from the district. Bill graduated from Imlay City High School in 1991 and attended Aquinas College on an athletic scholarship. There he earned a bachelor’s degree and a teaching certificate.
Bill worked as a classroom teacher at Capac and Dryden community schools and is currently a partner in the law offices of Morrice, Lengemann & Miller, P.C. in downtown Imlay City. He is a member of the Imlay City Rotary Club and dedicates much of his free time to help the community and the school.

Simply put, he is the only candidate who understands how a school operates on a day-to-day basis and the only candidate who has spent any real time working in a school and helping students. He has been intimately involved with students, teachers and administrators for his entire adult life. If he is elected to the school board, I know he will put the best interests of all students first in every vote he makes. I know that the Imlay City students, teachers, administrators and community as a whole will be well represented by Bill Lengemann on the school board and that is why I am voting for him and ask the community to do the same.

—Dr. Mark Lamb,
Imlay City