To the citizens of Imlay City, I am so honored to have been chosen by the Imlay City School Board to fill the vacant school board position. The term for this position ends December 31, 2020. For that reason, I ask for your votes this November 3rd so that I may remain on the board once the term for the position I was granted ends.

When I was asked to consider running for the open Imlay City School Board position I thought it was my civic duty to consider it. I love my town. I have great respect for the current school board and the district’s teachers. I am honored to be given the opportunity to serve my city in this manner. I believe it is important to have a medical doctor’s perspective on the school board in the midst of the covid pandemic. These are uncharted waters and we want to be sure we are making the best possible decisions for our children.

As a founding member of the reproductive health committee, I have had the opportunity to work closely with members of the school administration. These people truly have our children’s best interest at heart. It is also abundantly clear that the school board keeps our student’s needs as their top priority. If elected, I would be proud to continue upholding such an important cause.

—Dr. Laura Zelenak, D.O.
ABOFP Board Certified,
President/Owner of Imlay City Family Practice,
Clinical Assistant Professor for Central Michigan University College of Medicine, Imlay City School Board Member