Am I a conservative?

I grew up in Lapeer County. One year my father was hit by a semi leaving the old Midway Market. It was so bad we didn’t know if he would survive or even walk again. The UAW at the time didn’t have a contract to pay for long range care. We needed a roof that was badly leaking. I was on bucket brigade when it rained. The local farmers came forward upon hearing our situation. They not only replaced our roof but refused to accept payment as well as provided free labor. I’ll never forget their generosity but that is what neighbors used to act like.

Today we now have people we know laugh at us for wearing a mask! A mask designed to not only save one’s life but also help prevent us from infecting others with this deadly virus. Why? It’s just a mask.

I’ve heard from long term friends say they were raised to be a conservative so they must vote for Trump! Why? Have you no free will? I for one will never vote for any person like Trump! He simply does not represent any values I grew up with like help your neighbors, work hard, respect others opinions unlike ourselves. He makes fun of veterans lost in wars as losers!

In answer to my question…no I’m not a Trump conservative as it exists in today’s world! Trump’s GOP is the past. The Lincoln Project will become the new Republican Party.

—Fred Rabert,