Betsy Prince. The name is fitting, because she had all the privileges of the very rich. She then married Dick DeVos of Amway, thus multiplying her wealth.

Dick and Betsy, not content to just be fabulously rich, wanted to spread their views of life by being politically powerful. Dick lost in his bid to become Michigan’s governor, so the DeVoses began buying the influence they craved. Their political donations to the Republican party are huge. They will use their considerable wealth to get what they want.

Betsy became Secretary of Education even though she has zero experience with public education or being publicly educated but it fit her desires.

Now, they want to buy and own a senator. They are funding John James’ candidacy through PAC donations in the millions.

Be aware that DeVoses expect “a return on their investments,” as Betsy declared when speaking to the Republican National Convention.

John James will be serving their interests. Because James is also a conservative Republican who is “2000% behind” Trump, the following will also be on James’ agenda:

•Being against the healthcare (Obamacare) we now have, with its provision that protects people with pre-existing conditions. James called it a “monstrosity.”

•Putting Social Security at risk. Trump signed an executive order to defer the payroll taxes that funds it until January and has said he wants to make this action permanent. Social Security will dry up rapidly if this is done.

•I believe James will undoubtedly support tax laws favoring the super rich and large corporations like Amway and help Betsy DeVos destroy public education.

His TV ads tout what a great leader James will be. Dollars talk, folks. He will be owned by the DeVoses and your voice will be drowned out by their money.

—Carolyn Medland,
Lapeer Twp.