Nothing much is business as usual in these trying times and that includes elections. Subsequently our coverage of elections has begun to change too.

Because a growing number of residents are opting to vote absentee, our newspaper has adjusted the way we profile candidates and issues. In prior times, we concentrated our election coverage in the few weeks just prior to the day ballots were cast so that readers could immerse themselves in the issues shortly before heading to the polls.

Now more residents are opting to receive and return their ballots in advance of election day and, in light of mail delivery delays, they are being encouraged to make that request at least 15 days before November 3. The U.S. Postal Service recommends mailing back completed ballots at least seven days before election. It’s important to note and emphasize that absentee ballots can be dropped off at polling sites up to and on election day too in case voters can’t slip them in the mail in time. All of those city and township halls have some sort of drop box where ballots can also be deposited any time of day.

In order to better serve our readers who plan to vote, our writers have already begun to delve into ballot proposals slated to appear on the November ballot and very soon candidate profiles will be forthcoming. We intend to detail all of the contested races and ballot requests by mid-October so that absentee voters have enough time to process the information available and return their completed ballots.

If you miss or overlook any of the election-related stories that appear in our print edition, they can still be accessed through our website. On our home page,, look for the ‘Vote 2020’ icon.

Voting is important but being an informed voter is even more crucial to our democracy. It’s necessary that we all take the time to study the issues and candidates and there’s no better source than your local newspaper to find that information.

Whether you’re voting in person or absentee come November, we are committed to providing the resources necessary to help make your voice heard.