Board wants to address marijuana growing issues

DRYDEN TWP. — At their Sept. 8 meeting the township board approved a marijuana moratorium with a 4-1 vote.

Supervisor Tina Papineau said there’s concern about the number of individuals looking to move to Dryden Twp. in order to manufacture and distribute marijuana. Township attorney Timothy Denney said, “It is within our rights as a township to opt out of recreational facilities.” He recommended a moratorium against any large scale marijuana facilities.

“The township has already opted out of the recreational marijuana establishments; however, the township is restricted by the medical marijuana laws. If someone is a caregiver they can grow 12 plants for for each patient they have with a maximum of six patients and 12 plants for themselves. Therefore, each caregiver can grow 72 plants. However, in the past we have had no way to regulate the caregivers. There is a new case from the courts that gives us a little more control,” Papineau said.

She believes that requests coming to the township are from people who want to grow marijuana for recreational use but are claiming it’s for medical purposes.

“They are wanting to buy homes with barns and grow marijuana in the barn, but they have no intentions of living in the house,” Papineau added.

The motion approved was “to adopt a moratorium against marijuana operations in Dryden Township to the fullest extent such restrictions are permitted by law for a period of five months to permit time to adopt a well thought out ordinance to address the marijuana issue.”

Trustee Kim Klobucar voted no.

In other meeting matters:

•Dryden Township Police Chief Shawn Peters gave an update to board members. Peters shared that patrols have been increased in the school areas and residential areas recently, as school is back in session. He reported no issues with students or school-related concerns. The department currently has a good supply of PPE, and has applied for a grant to assist with purchases of COVID-19 related expenditures, he said.

•the board approved the township’s financial contribution towards this year’s fireworks, put on by the DDA, Village of Dryden and the township. The township will contribute $1,250 toward the cost of the fireworks show on Sept. 26.

•Carol English was appointed to the Zoning Board of Appeals. Sue Lowney was appointed to the Planning Commission.