The greatest protection of democracy and mankind is law. To be effective, it must be administered by judges that understand the consequences of law.

I have traveled the valley of life for nearly seven decades and have had many contacts with laws from both sides demanding much litigation and decisions. Some went my way and others didn’t.

During this journey, I crossed path with many judges. Some were hopeful and dreamers. Most were unable to take a stand right or wrong. The ones that faltered were because they were unprepared, lacking the wherewithal to solve the pits and rivers of adversity that judges face.

Personal discipline is a characteristic that cannot be taught. It must be learned by oneself, unfortunately. This wisdom is the core of intelligence and ultimate success. The greatest teacher of such is experience— in short, practicing law in front of the bench and before real judges.

Very few times have I crossed paths with these principled individuals. They do exist but are rare. The point of this letter is to inform the citizens of St. Clair County that I have been fortuitous to ascertain such an individual.

That person is Mona Armstrong, currently a candidate and Judge in St. Clair County’s District Court.

Thomas Carlyle, an essayist, said in 1827, “The great law of culture is: Let each become that he or she was created capable of being.” That writer was a visionary in recognizing the ‘Mona Armstrongs’ that humanity needs to succeed and to forward mankind.

We can have the Bill of Rights, a Constitution, and scores of other laws to protect our society. But if we don’t elect people of courage, character and fundamentals of law, all is lost.

Elect Judge Mona Armstrong,

—Doug Hunter,
Lynn Twp.