The Almont Village Council has approved a simplified logo change for their water tower that will incorporate the school district’s colors.


ALMONT — The village’s water tower will be receiving a new look. The water tower, painted with the apple tree logo in 2008, will be changed. The tree will be removed and “Almont” will be lettered in the Old English-style and be orange and black in color.

At their Sept. 1 meeting, council members discussed the pros and cons of changing the logo. The water tower painting fee typically runs $3,000-$5,000, however Suez Utility Service Company agreed to waive that cost if the village simplified the logo.

Councilmember, Dave Love, voted against the change, saying “I am in favor of the old one. I would like to keep this design as long as possible, if it’s the same cost.”

Fellow Councilmember Patricia Biolchini disagreed with Love, explaining, “I think the new logo looks great. It matches the school more.”

Member Melinda Steffler agreed with Biolchini, adding, “I like the new design. I think it has school pride associated with it. The old logo doesn’t really speak to the character of Almont. I do think the new logo ties the schools to the town.”

The logo change was approved with a 6-1 vote with Love voting “no.”

Broadcast equipment

The council also looked at options to better broadcast meetings to the public. Village Manager Mike Connors presented his recommendation for purchasing a new camera. The council has been utilizing a webcam on a tripod to record meetings to broadcast to the public. The quality of the recordings is subpar, and Connors recommended purchasing a ceiling-mounted camera. His presentation also included the cost of upgrading the computer system. The council approved the $966 quote to purchase a new ceiling-mounted camera. They will evaluate the need for an upgraded computer system at a later date.

Drain concerns

Connors shared details about the Lapeer County Drain Office meeting on September 1 at the village offices. Residents were able to speak with the Lapeer County Drain Office regarding their special assessment for the Stroup Drain project. Connors said this drain “has not been maintained for a number of years,” and the cost came in higher than anticipated. Connors shared that he will do his best to answer questions, however this project is a county project on a county drain.

If members of the community were unable to attend this meeting, or have additional questions, they are asked to contact the Lapeer County Drain Office at 810-667-0371.