I have many questions but very few answers. Perhaps someone can be of assistance.
How does rioting in major cities bring people of good will together to try to find solutions to the racial divide and other societal problems?

How can we ever hope to find common ground between those of widely divergent political views when it seems that if you and I don’t agree, one of us has the angels on our side and the other is pure evil? Evil needs to be destroyed, not compromised with and so there we are; at sword’s points with no chance of a meeting of minds.

Is our system of government so rotten and corrupt that we must destroy it and start over? If the answer is in the affirmative, what system would be proposed to replace what we have now and exactly how would it work?

Is it possible to admit that those who have differing views may well have some points that are valid or do you believe nothing your opponent says or does has any merit whatsoever?

How do we get to the point where we talk to each other rather than yell over each other and come to the discussion with a willingness to accept that our position could be in error?

I am extremely fearful of the direction this nation is headed. More than once I have had the thought pass through my head to liquidate every asset I have, transfer it to a Swiss Bank and leave the country. The insurrection that is in the cities can spread like a wildfire unless all people of good will stand up and demand that government officials act and act now. We could face something not unlike the French Revolution or the Russian Revolution and I am not amused by the thought of living in a country that experiences such an upheaval.

—John L. Lengemann, Imlay City