Taking the time to do it right. We’re pleased to see local leaders doing what’s necessary to deliver the best results to the community.

For the sake of residents and taxpaying businesses, Imlay City leaders need to make sure they get a sound fire hall and they appear to be on the right path to make that happen.

Ribbons were cut and speeches were made at a special ceremony nearly two months ago that celebrated the city’s new fire hall but the truck bays are still empty. The three million dollar project experienced various delays since ground was broken last summer and naturally, the pandemic didn’t help things either. After heavy rains this summer, it became apparent that some additional attention was needed. City manager Craig Horton is working to schedule a walk through the building with architects, engineers and builders in hopes of resolving the issues.

In small communities like ours, fire halls and other municipal buildings often serve as central meeting points for the public to gather. They are points of pride that speak to the investment we as citizens make to ensure we and our neighbors have access to life saving services.

The new hall on Borland Road will likely be the department’s home for decades to come, just like their current base on Third Street has been for the past 52 years.

Likewise, Imlay City Schools was prudent in their decision to “pump the brakes” on the roll out of their virtual academy and take an extra week to prepare tools, materials, students and staff for this new means of learning. Although the decision to change the school calendar was likely an inconvenience to some families, it should ensure that everyone—both online and in person—can get off to the best start possible all together on August 31. Almont and Dryden, also new to K-12 virtual learning, soon followed suit.

There will be lots of firsts in the new school year and it only makes sense to approach them with a measured pace.

We applaud local officials for their approach in addressing these significant projects and encourage them to stay the course.