In her response to my letter, (Confederate flag’s place today, August 19) Ms. Marcus seems intent on calling people racist. I believe the Confederate Flag is a sign of rebellion against a status quo, and part of the dark history of this nation when this nation was split apart and wide open, nothing more. Ms. Marcus carries her ideas into print based on writings some would consider obscure and extreme, but she presents her ideas to the readers of the Tri-City Times in forceful letters. Those are her beliefs and her right. Presently forceful is not exactly a popular method. We all see the so-called protests that I believe are shields for riots. I find, along with others, that trying to shove an idea down our throats rarely gains any ground.

One must be careful using the term “racist.” People will tune out the cause, believing extremists are at the heart of these incidents. In basic terms the term “racism” has become so overused that shouting “racism” has become a cliche. Some people are tired of hearing about the whole concepts of “racism” and “social consciousness.” These term don’t put food on the table or pay bills.

Gov. Whitmer’s declaration that racism is a public health crisis has become a rung on the ladder of disgust with her actions as governor. Her executive orders related to the pandemic have become so numerous and inconsistent that outside of their being the force of law, everyone within my communications group ignores them and her whenever possible.

Ms. Marcus and I might never agree on anything except that the sun rises and sets every day but she might say the sun shines brighter in some areas than others.

—David Naeyaert,