In regards to Ms. Marcus’ guest column (Racism and a responsibility to the future, August 5), one cannot read too much into displaying a Confederate flag as a deliberate sign that the person supports the Confederacy.

Her premise that we as Americans are all born racist, how it happened, the ramifications, and now we must absolve ourselves of this ailment is flawed. Factually, blacks account for about 13 percent of the American population while the U.S. prison population consists of about 38 percent blacks. One must realize whites and Hispanics are in prisons too. Ms. Marcus equates this as black slavery.

Ms. Marcus promoted the concept of inherent racism. On a separate note, Gov. Whitmer last week declared racism a “public health crisis.” Implicitly we as Michigan citizens are sick with the disease of racism. What does that do for you? In the midst of a pandemic must we tell drug manufacturers to create a drug for this new “disease?” Right in the middle of a pandemic where people have been subject to government-ordered confinement, the governor stirs the pot attempting to generate more controversy and discontent.

More troubling is the governor’s order for implicit bias training or “re-education” for state workers. I harken back to my Cold War memories of “re-education camps” in Communist China, the Soviet Union, Vietnam after the Communist takeover, etc. Those Communist governments need to stifle independent thought. What will state workers be subject to? Will her uncontrolled Executive Orders subject all of us to these? The Governor has already declared us as “sick.”

—David Naeyaert,