TRI-CITY AREA — Voters will narrow the field of candidates for Michigan’s 10th Congressional District in the August 4 primary election next week, whittling the field of five down to two. The top vote getter from each party will then face off on the November ballot. Those looking to succeed current office holder Paul Mitchell include Democrats Kimberly Bizon and Kelly Noland and Republicans Shane Hernandez, Lisa McLain and Doug Slocum.

Kimberly Bizon, of Lexington, is a web and interactive director at the Sussman Agency. Her platform includes fair farm policies that prioritize family farms over corporate ag; reevaluating education reforms and advocating for a more efficient Veteran Affairs system to help vets get the resources they need.

Kelly Noland, of Chesterfield, is a 1986 graduate of Imlay City High School who’s worked as a nurse for more than 30 years. Her platform includes expanding the Affordable Care Act and making certain medications free to all; halting tax breaks to big corporations and creating programs that would allow students to attend trade school or community college for two years at no cost, among others.

Shane Hernandez, of Port Huron, is a member of the Michigan House of Representatives. Issues important to him as a congressional candidate include sponsoring a balanced budget amendment to the U.S. Constitution, completion of the U.S.’s southern border wall and opposition to a single-payer health insurance system.

Lisa McLain, of Macomb County, is a senior vice president with the Hantz Group. Issues important to her include securing the nation’s borders, protecting Selfridge Air National Guard Base from any downsizings or closures and enforcing the United States-Mexican-Canadian Trade Agreement.

Doug Slocum, of Macomb, is a retired brigadier general who served in the the U.S. Air Force. His platform includes supporting gun rights, standing with law enforcement and providing assistance to military veterans, among others.