ST. CLAIR COUNTY — One of two countywide proposals on the August 4 ballot is the Drug Task Force millage renewal. The request is for .5610 mills to continue to be levied for a period of four years, from 2020 through 2023. Funds are used for the operation of the task force to “investigate and prosecute individuals involved in the distribution of illegal controlled substances and related offenses,” the ballot language reads. The Drug Task Force is comprised of personnel and equipment from the county’s sheriff and prosecutor offices.

If approved and levied in full, the millage would generate approximately $3.49 million in the first year its collected.

In 2019, the Drug Task Force seized 1117 grams of methamphetamine/crystal meth, 849 grams of cocaine/crack cocaine and 138 grams of heroin. The DTF also executed 81 search warrants and 329 drug related traffic stops last year. As a result of the search warrants and traffic stops, 272 suspects were arrested. Those arrests resulted in 349 felony charges and 166 misdemeanor charges.

Every year, the sheriff’s office releases an annual report for the DTF that includes an incident map. The map can be accessed through the the St. Clair County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page,