MUSSEY TWP. — Three candidates are seeking two trustee seats on the Mussey Township board. The field includes incumbents Bruce Downey and Monica Standel and challenger Jacob Nemecek.

• • • • •

Bruce Downey has served as a trustee for 30 years. He’s seeking re-election because he wants to continue to do what’s best for the township residents.

In a new term, Downey said he embraces growth in the community but wants to ensure that local businesses established in the community are supported too.

“It’s important that we keep the lines of communication open with residents and are able to answer questions for people,” Downey said.

Ultimately, he believes that public servants should be committed to finding common ground.

“We need to try and make sure we’re bringing people together. My goal has always been to treat people like you’d want to be treated,” he added.

• • • • •

Jacob Nemecek said he wants to serve on the township board to “give the township back to the people.”

If elected, some of the top issues he’d want to address in office would include taxes, roads and cemeteries.

As for experience he’d bring to the board, Nemecek cites his education–double Bachelor’s degree from Northwood University in Marketing and Management and an Associate’s Degree in General Business from St. Clair County Community College–plus his 15 years on the Mussey Township Fire Department, his current role as Capac High School’s varsity head wrestling coach and his involvement in his family’s centennial farm.

“I come from a family with a history of community involvement and I want to make the area I live the best it can be,” Nemecek said.

• • • • •

Monica Standel as been a board member since 2012 and wants to continue serving the residents of the township.

“I feel that Mussey Township is a great place to live and raise a family and would like to continue to be involved in the decision making that will keep it as such. I have lived in Mussey Township for 28 years and have been involved in the community in one way or another for the entire time. I believe that local government is where the best governing takes place,” she said.

In a new term, Standel said the top issues she would want to address include revenue sharing and roads maintenance.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic all municipalities will be receiving less money from the state. “While Mussey Township is financially solvent, over time we would have to look at where potential cuts would have to be made if the cuts continued for a length of time,” she said.

She believes the township has had success in keeping their roads in good shape by investing in projects and ditching programs.

“We have also taken advantage of match money to maximize the amount of dollars we can spend on projects,” Standel noted.

As for experience she brings to the board, Standel cites her service as Emergency Management Liaison for Mussey Township and the Village of Capac, a representative on the Board of Health for St. Clair County, a Capac Community Schools School Board Member and Mussey Township Fire Department member.