It is virtually impossible to watch television news and not see the turmoil throughout the country. This is most evident in cities that have been long time governed by Democrats. But it isn’t limited solely to those areas. Many college campuses are experiencing the same thing.

The claim is made that what we are seeing is simply “peaceful protests.” Nothing could be further from the truth. What we are seeing is a breakdown of society where lawlessness becomes the norm and respect for the law, property and rights of others is tossed aside. Mayors of major cities in this country do nothing while revolutionaries and anarchists burn and loot. When federal authority is imposed to protect federal property, these same mayors blame the problem on the President and demand all federal law enforcement leave the city while they do nothing.

I would like to believe that people of all political persuasions would join hands to fight the forces that wish to overthrow our way of life. Sadly, I don’t think that is going to occur. Too many conservatives are frightened of their own shadow and hope by appeasement they can avoid the consequences. For the most part the Democrats support the movement thinking that it won’t impact them as they can win elections by associating with these revolutionaries. They will learn that the opposite is true. It is hard to predict the outcome. Just know that no one will like it except the mob that is in control.

The time is now. Men and women as citizens, not as political party members, must stand together. Reject those who would destroy this nation. Demand the leaders of both political parties set aside their political differences and join in the fight to preserve the United States as we know it. There will be ample time to iron out policy differences once we have destroyed the anarchists, revolutionaries, and the forces they have set in motion.

—John L. Lengemann
Imlay City