If I were running for a public office today my campaign literature would only express positive comments. I would try to educate voters on what I wanted to accomplish if I was elected and, if I was running for re-election, I would also include things that I have accomplished while in office. Criticizing one’s opponent is not a way of educating me on why I should support your candidacy.

Every day my mailbox is full of literature from candidates running for political office. I stand by my recycling box and toss the literature into it without even looking at it; however, today I am starting to look at all of it, plus read all the political signs. If any have negative comments about their opponent I’ve decided not to vote for them, regardless if I feel they are the best person for the job.

Politicians refusing to work together, once elected, is a major source of what is wrong today in our country. This is going to be my way of trying to get politicians to realize this can no longer be tolerated.

I hope you join me on August 4th in only supporting candidates that refuse to drag their opponents into the mud.

—Dr. James Sillers,
Imlay City