Capac Schools looks to renew non-homestead levy


CAPAC — Next month, voters in the Capac school district will be asked to renew a 10-year operating millage. If approved, the district will be able to levy 18 mills on all non-homestead property in the school district’s boundaries and use the funds to finance a portion of their operating costs.

In a press release issued by the district, leaders note important distinctions about the operating millage and its history.

“In order for each school district to receive its full per-pupil foundation allowance, it must levy the 18 mills operating tax on all ‘non-homestead property,’” the release notes.

Non-homestead property does not include principal residence property, qualified agricultural property, qualified forestry property, or industrial personal property. Additionally, commercial personal property is exempt from the first 12 mills of the 18 mills.

The current funding model was created at the state level in 1994 that instituted a per-pupil foundation allowance for each public school district using a combination of local and state tax dollars. Districts can only receive that per pupil funding if they levy an operating tax on all non-homestead property.

The millage renewal will appear on the August 4 primary election ballot.