Campaigning, like just about everything in 2020, will look different than usual because of the pandemic. There will be fewer public events and opportunities for candidates to meet and greet voters. No summer fairs or festivals to set up a booth. No parades to hand out flyers, balloons, pens or some other campaign-related promotions. There will be a handful of ballot issues in both August and November so proponents’ chances to speak to groups or elected boards may also be limited.

So what’s left? Signage, social media and the news media will take center stage as the means for candidates and groups to educate residents who plan to head to the polls this year. To be frank, anyone can say anything on social media these days and signage can’t tell you much about a candidate’s credentials. To that end, we know the stories we’ll put together in the coming weeks and months are a crucial tool that the electorate relies on before casting their ballots. We focus our election coverage and candidate profiles on substantive issues that should be of broad importance to residents.

Additionally, we welcome the community to share their opinions of local races and issues on our editorial pages. Letters to the editor that thoughtfully and succinctly describe why someone is supporting a certain candidate or how they’re voting on a proposal also help inform voters and provide additional context to news stories. We encourage you to consider putting your thoughts on paper or in an email and sharing it with the community.

Send your letters to the editor at or P.O. Box 278, Imlay City MI 48444.