We the people! This meant something once but somewhere it got lost in the shuffle.

Governor Whitmer has repeatedly spoke about the lives of first responders and COVID-19 patients, so can we talk about our lives or does that make us heartless?

My beloved dad, who had not been ill, passed away June 20. Did he have COVID you may ask? No, he had other health issues but, due to the shutdown, did not have adequate access to timely healthcare although he had a great doctor and health insurance which he dutifully paid his premiums his whole life. Why is my dad’s death not worthy of a shutdown or a story? Many others have suffered tragedy throughout these last four months. Are they not worthy? Dreams are being crushed at every turn.

Yes this is a nasty and contagious virus, but how nasty does it have to be that it has the power to pit a child against their parent. Would you go care for your ailing parent during the shutdown or now? Would you give them love and human touch in their moment of need? Gratefully, I was able to do that for my dad and I have no regrets about that although I have to live with the fact that his days were shortened by a ridiculous agenda that is not based in science.

I think it is time for us to vote with our feet since our words don’t seem to matter to those in power.

I think it’s time the governor shutdown this sham agenda that masks are the savior and there is no life outside of COVID-19. She tells us every time she speaks it’s a novel virus. I understand that. What I know is that we will have to learn to live with it. We can’t beat nature. We have improved our ability to care for those who are ill and we are gaining momentum with medications.

Are we in this together? You bet. We all better start standing up together for our freedoms.

—Gynnae Bourdeau, Dryden